Weekend Strawberry Picking

I’ve been in my Mom Club for 3 years now. Each year we’ve gone to a local farm to pick strawberries in the Spring. It’s always such a fun field trip for the whole family. We go on a wagon ride, eat some of the best fresh picked veggies, and pick our own basket of strawberries. Bexley has been doing some major teething this last week and has been a little extra clingy. My ring sling is always perfect for our adventures that she will want to be up and down, front and back. It adjusts so easily.  Any adventure with these two is always an experience. Cora insists on removing her shoes any time we are outside playing, my little wild child. I’m holding her while carrying Bexely in this picture because she got upset I made her put her shoes back on. She doesn’t take after me… I hate being barefoot, even at home. Despite our shoe debacle, and teething misery, fun times were had by all!


I wore this tank top without a jacket for maybe 15 minutes and already had a little redness from the sun when we got home – fair skin problems! I love this Who What Wear collection tank SO much I got it in white, and black & white stripped. (don’t mind the coffee stain, that’s mom life…) We never go on any adventures without our Mama & Little teething accessories. Could you tell the beaded necklace was a teether? Shop my look here! Receive 15% off your Mama & Little teething necklace order by using code CHELSEA at checkout! I’ve been wearing Mama & Little necklace since Cora was born, and love them so much, I am beyond thrilled to offer you this discount (and use my affiliate link). If you make a style purchase from me, I get some spare change, just enough to maybe buy another coffee!

17 thoughts on “Weekend Strawberry Picking

  1. I love that top it is so cute! When I lived in Florida, my friends and I always attended the Strawberry Festival and this posts reminded me of that! We never got to actually pick any strawberries though, which would have made it even better I’m sure. Looks like the perfect family outing for sure!

      1. I loved the Florida Strawberry festival. I used to live in Florida too, one of my favorite events there!

  2. Such a fun activity! I love taking my daughter to the farm, I think long-term it will give her a better appreciation for food and where it comes from!

  3. What a fun outing! I can’t wait to go strawberry picking with my little one this year! What brand is your carrier? I am looking for something like it!! Thanks!

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