About Chelsea

Thank you for visiting Binkies & Baubles! My name is Chelsea Padgett. I started this blog as a hobby while at home with my first baby Cora. My husband & I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in December 2013, and her little sister, Bexley, joined us in November of 2015. When Cora was born I returned to work for a week before we agreed it would be better for my family if I stayed home. As a worker bee from age 13, staying home has been a huge transition. While there is no where I would rather be, it has taken some adjusting and getting used to the different lifestyle. I worked as a Make-up Artist in LA for the #1 cosmetic company in the world, on sets, and behind the counter. Working in the high-fashion world was my dream growing up in a small, central Oregon town. I have always been a Fashionista, Glamour Girl, Hostess with the Mostess, and Etiquette Belle. I believe, when you look better, you feel better, you do better. That is where fashion and motherhood collide. We all want to the best for our family. Working mom, or stay at home mom, we want what’s best for the kids. Juggling all the balls a mom has responsibility of is overwhelming. There are many bloggers out there that will make it seem easy. Some days may go your way, but children are an unpredictable bunch. I hope to inspire moms everywhere to take care of themselves in order to show their family that being happy, and making yourself a priority is a good thing. Doing the best I can and sharing it by one lesson, outfit and meal at time.


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