Big Girl Bed

Transitioning a toddler is though business. They are stubborn little buggers and they literally don't understand reason. Cake. They understand cake. You can negotiate just about anything with a toddler expect eating and bedtime. You cannot force a child to eat or sleep. These are decisions you have to help them make for themselves.   … Continue reading Big Girl Bed

Happy New Year 

It's our first post this new year. It's a new year for new adventures! Bexley is just over 2 months old, and the past two months have been a roller coaster. Life with a toddler and a newborn has been an adjustment. Needless to say there hasn't been much time for writing... We have been traveling, … Continue reading Happy New Year 

She’s Two

Cora turns two this week! At two years old: In our house she is also known as, Kid, Bug, Missy, and Cora Belle. Her favorite foods are: Anything cheese, pizza, yogurt with rice crispies, hummus, mac n cheese, fruit, and cake. She will not eat: any type of egg, cooked vegetables, any kind of meat. She likes … Continue reading She’s Two