A Feel Good Motherhood

It's time to get back to you Mama! Motherhood is one of the most selfless jobs. It can be painfully frustrating, and infinitely rewarding all in the same moment. The sleeplessness, the lonely, and the poopy. It's so easy to get sucked over to the Mombies dark side. The sweatpants, scrunchies, and bonbons- they call … Continue reading A Feel Good Motherhood

Dress Up Your Mom Jeans: Black Brim Hat

I love hats, I always have. It will transform your look from basic to trendy. A hat can help cover a bad hair day and will give your outfit that "something special". The one featured here is from ZARA. The teething necklace is on sale, and if you use my discount code CHELSEA, you will get … Continue reading Dress Up Your Mom Jeans: Black Brim Hat

Trend we Love: Jewelry Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are all grown up! I am so excited to try out this new trend in jewelry. My little bug always wants to eat and pull at all of baubles. I think Mom's and fashionistas everywhere are going to embrace these beautiful body ornaments. Maybe little bug-a-boo will get to wear one too... Follow … Continue reading Trend we Love: Jewelry Tattoos