Trends We Love: The Color of Citron

Getting ready to find that Valentine's Day dress? Skip the red and pink this year. Stand out in the crowd with citron. Yellow was all over the red carpet at the Golden Globes and will trend through Spring. If you can't get through Valentine's Day without pink or red, try pairing the citrus color with … Continue reading Trends We Love: The Color of Citron

Trends We Love: Menswear 

Menswear is a trend that usually has a strong influence in the fall. This Spring menswear is trumping your usual floral. Slightly telling of the demands on our nation to see women as equals??? Political statement or not, a crisp business blouse will play on a mix of business and pleasure. These booties, BTW, come … Continue reading Trends We Love: Menswear 

Trends We Love: Military Details

Military trends every few fall seasons. While camouflage print is considered a staple to many, it's never been a print I gravitated towards. I do, however, love a good military shade of green. The button detailing on the dress is what really gives it the flare though. This dress is a great transitional piece. Shown … Continue reading Trends We Love: Military Details

Trends We Love: Pajama Mama

Pajamas and slippers....Yaaaaas Please! I am in love with these separates from ZARA. The stripes are neutral colors and I like how the top isn't a jacket. These fur lined loafer mules are such a great mom shoe, I'm obsessed! Style with comfort is a momlife must! Gotta be able to chase around those toddlers... Here are … Continue reading Trends We Love: Pajama Mama


Cropped tops aren't easy to wear and look good. By good- I mean, it's usually not flattering, and in most cases appropriate. As a mom it's definitely not functional. But cropped tops are on trend and I've had this cropped sweater the past few seasons. It wasn't something I could wear pregnant, so I'm looking … Continue reading Cropped