Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood: It’s a Time Warp

Once you're a mom, little things that used to only take you a measly second, like making your morning coffee, now take a chunk of time. You can't complete this simple and most necessary task due to the 2 year old distraction demanding more milk in their cereal repeatedly, even though you have agreed. Your … Continue reading Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood: It’s a Time Warp

A Spoon Full of Sugar or Honey

Finally! We are all back to healthy, but cold season hit us pretty hard this year. My toddler had three back to back colds, the big cootie. The newborn still has a little congestion from the cold she caught from the snot face over a month ago. My husband caught the stomach bug that was going … Continue reading A Spoon Full of Sugar or Honey

Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood: Communication & Expectation

Congratulations! You're having a baby! Entering into parenthood is unlike any other adventure. Everyone who has traveled the path has great advise for the expecting parents. The thing is, every household operates differently and has different priorities and expectations. What worked wonders for one home may not work at all for another. Then you throw … Continue reading Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood: Communication & Expectation

Double, Double, Toil, & Trouble 

While the Southern California weather only gave us a sneak peek at fall weather, I'm still in a haunting spirit! I'm not a zombie or gore girl, but you'll still find some small trinkets of spook around the house...           Some patchwork pumpkins and acorns sit playfully with a mini gargoyle and a pair … Continue reading Double, Double, Toil, & Trouble 

Sister’s Sprinkle

For our first baby we had the big co-ed Baby Shower. Having another girl, we still have everything we need, so it felt silly to have a second shower. However, I still wanted to celebrate our little sister. I wanted a beautiful stress-free day with all the ladies that have been there for Cora and … Continue reading Sister’s Sprinkle

Wet Nights

We are finally sleeping through the night, most every night! YAY! If you're not there yet, hang in, it eventually happens. Cora started sleeping through the night a little over 1 year old. Unfortunately she would wake up at the crack of dawn, usually soaking wet due to an overflowing diaper. She likes to drink … Continue reading Wet Nights

Showering Baby

As I plan a Sister Sprinkle for baby #2, I can't help but reminisce about Cora's Baby Shower. She was our little pumpkin. Family came from near and far to celebrate the addition to our family. My best gal's from high school came in for the whole week. My Husband and the guys played corn hole … Continue reading Showering Baby