Binkie Bites: Bolognese

I feel like there aren't many toddlers that don't like spaghetti. If they don't, they usually still like noodles with butter. Sometimes it's not what you serve a toddler, it's how you serve it. I love to have Cora help make her dinner. It gets her more excited and interested in eating. She is still too … Continue reading Binkie Bites: Bolognese

Lula Roe

In the mommy community point of sale businesses are the new wave. I'm not a big fan, it's not my thing, but I like to be supportive of other moms doing what they do. That said, my first impression of Lula Roe was that it's really not my style. I'd see the ladies wearing the … Continue reading Lula Roe

The Mom Life: A Back to Work Experience

The same week I found Cora a daycare, I was offered a freelance project. I decided to enroll Cora in daycare in preparation for the new baby's arrival. I wanted her to have a place of her very own. Somewhere safe for her to go and get her wiggles out while I am very pregnant … Continue reading The Mom Life: A Back to Work Experience