Trends We Love: The Color of Citron

Getting ready to find that Valentine's Day dress? Skip the red and pink this year. Stand out in the crowd with citron. Yellow was all over the red carpet at the Golden Globes and will trend through Spring. If you can't get through Valentine's Day without pink or red, try pairing the citrus color with … Continue reading Trends We Love: The Color of Citron

Trends We Love: Pajama Mama

Pajamas and slippers....Yaaaaas Please! I am in love with these separates from ZARA. The stripes are neutral colors and I like how the top isn't a jacket. These fur lined loafer mules are such a great mom shoe, I'm obsessed! Style with comfort is a momlife must! Gotta be able to chase around those toddlers... Here are … Continue reading Trends We Love: Pajama Mama

STROBE to Your Heart’s Content

As a fair skin, shimmer lover, I've always been more fond of a nice highlight vs. a bronzer contour. While both techniques have their place in everyday makeup wear, I'm excited for a summer strobe! Below I have listed  my favorite pearlescent and shimmer products from light glow to STROBE OUT! 1. M.A.C. Cosmetics Strobe … Continue reading STROBE to Your Heart’s Content